How To Clean Vinyl Siding?

Cleaning vinyl siding is a great opportunity to make some money and also make a customer very happy. The difficult part is cleaning in a way that is not only effective, but also economical. The first thing to be considered when cleaning anything is the chemical that you will need to use. You want something that is biodegradable, that won’t harm plants and yet is very effective. Of course this why I choose to use Tough Stuff as it is especially effective at cleaning vinyl siding and gutters. The other great thing I like about using Tough Stuff in these applications is that I can add inhibiters to it without affecting its performance. And when cleaning vinyl you will definitely need a bleach additive in order to remove the number one problem when cleaning vinyl, and that is MOLD. Without adding bleach to the soap, the mold will just continue to come back. Worse yet is that when you begin to pressure wash the vinyl, you can end up blowing the living mold into the air and many times onto the neighbors house. You won’t make friends this way.

dirty and clean vinyl siding

Once you have your chemical mix complete, the key is to apply it from top to the bottom, in small sections, then washing it off and going to rinse at the end of each section. I find that using a down stream soap injector with a variable extension wand works best. This way you can apply the soap, wash and then rinse without ever having to go back to the pressure washer to make adjustments or change out wands and nozzles.

   Chemical Injector    42 inch varriable wand

Take note that you maybe able to do this all with cold water, but it will clean even faster if you use hot water. Usually the procedure described above is all that you have to do in order to get the best result you and your customer, are looking for. However, sometimes the vinyl is so soiled that it will require movement before the dirt will be released from being imbedded in the vinyl. When this happens you will need to add the extra step of brushing after each soap cycle and before the wash and rinse. The result when you make this kind of effort is quite amazing and totally worth it. Most guys factor in the brush step with every job, as the results will get you more and more work.

Happy Cleaning

Fred Boothman III

  1. The correct methods for cleaning vinyl siding should be understood both prior to purchase and for existing installations. Ease of maintenance is one of the outstanding perks of owning vinyl siding. Freedom from repainting is a major benefit and savings, but be sure you consider vinyl siding maintenance as part of your decision-making and warranty needs. While siding manufacturers have instructions for each product within their vinyl siding lines, the following instructions are good general guidelines.

  2. A single story vinyl-sided home is very easy to clean because in most cases, all of the vinyl siding can be easily reached from the ground. First rinse your vinyl siding using a garden hose attached to a nozzle, and scrub it with a long-handled soft brush. Long-handled brushes designed for washing cars or trucks are perfect for cleaning vinyl siding because they are soft and won’t scratch. Begin soaking the brush and scrubbing your vinyl siding from the bottom up. Doing so will help keep the vinyl siding from soaking up less soap, thus preventing streaking. Completely scrub one section of vinyl siding at a time, and rinse each section before moving onto the next.

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