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Used Pressure Washers

Looking for a pressure washer at a lower cost? Consider purchasing a pre-owned pressure washer from Cape Cod! If you’re worried about receiving the same level of quality from a used washer, you can rest assured that we have done everything we can to ensure the safety and performance of each machine.

Used Equipment

  • Brand new 2009 Landa SGP-302214S

    2200psi, 3 GPM, 7 hp Subaru engine

  • Used 2001 #H1001 all diesel Hotsy Hot water skid

    4.5 GPM, at 3000 psi new pump and runs awesome!

  • Used Pressure Pro Super Skid

    4.5 GPM, 3500 psi complete rehab and ready to go.

  • Used LANDA OHW-4-2000 Hot Water Pressure Washer

    4 gpm at 2000 PSI, 220 volt single phase with inline soap injection and steam option.

  • Used Hotsy Hot Water Pressure Washer

    1.8 gpm at 1000 psi, 110 volt

  • Used Power America Hot Water Pressure Washer

    2 gpm at 2000 psi, 230 volt single phase

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All of Cape Cod’s Used Pressure Washers:

Go through a rigorous 21-point inspection

Whether you have a industrial, commercial, or residential cleaning project, you need durability, functionality, and unmatched performance from your pressure washer. We leave no stone unturned when we evaluate our pre-owned pressure washers for serviceability. Each pressure washer is thoroughly examined so there are no unfortunate surprises or inconveniences for the customer. We’ll make sure all the parts, gears, and motors are functional and safe to operate.

Are certified for proper factory performance

We value the safety of our clients and that’s why we demand nothing less than the best from the products we sell. Used pressure washers are held to the same standard. We require every pressure washer we sell to meet our the industry’s rigorous guidelines. We would never sell a washer that was faulty or malfunctioning. Whether you buy a new or used power washer from Cape Cod, you can feel confident that it is certified and built for optimal performance.

Come with a one year, FULL trade-in value toward a new machine of equal specification

We take all the necessary steps to confirm that our used pressure washers are top-quality, but in the event of a poorly functioning machine we provide a safety net for customers. If for any reason your used power washer breaks in the first year you own it, we will let you put its value toward a new washer of equal specifications. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for us, so we always want to make sure you are happy with the product you’ve invested in.