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About Cape Cod Cleaning Systems

We are a supplier & service center of pressure washers, cleaning chemicals, and water treatment systems. Our products include hot and cold pressure washers, soaps, solvents, degreasers, graffiti removers and secondary containment solutions. We thrive in local sales and service for clients located throughout the Boston and Cape Cod area.


About Cape Cod Cleaning Systems

Fred Boothman Jr.

We started off as a one horse business by my grandfather, Fred Boothman Sr., in 1948. He was an entrepreneur in the truest sense. He was a painter, a farmer, and a chemist, but mostly a salesman. He formulated “Tough Stuff,” a biodegradable degreaser, in 1948 and began distributing it primarily to the automotive industry of Eastern Mass and R.I. Working out of an old cow barn, Cape Cod Chemical thrived to take on new products and new clientele. However, my grandfather continued to be unique in the way he peddled his product, even delivering it himself in a “Funeral Wagon” converted into a soap delivery vehicle. Fred Boothman Jr. became intricately involved in the business and eventually took over in the 1970’s. It was his drive and mechanical aptitude that took on the sales and service of pressure washing equipment. The company became known as Cape Cod Cleaning Systems in those days.

It was Fred Jr.’s son-in-law Mike Wehde that took over the business in the late 80’s. He expanded the business to include water treatment systems and became the #2 Water Maze Dealer in 2002. He also changed the name to Clean Quest to better identify with the change in focus. However, a fire that destroyed the old barn on April 6, 2004 virtually destroyed the business entirely. It was a hard recovery, but under Mike’s leadership a new building was erected and the business began to be on course with some of its old zeal. The business floundered a little from 2006 to 2010. Mike left the business in the care of others as he pursued a call to start a church in Florida, which is still thriving today. Both the downturn in the economy and having an out-of-state owner made it hard for the business to grow as it once had. However, in his seventies, Fred Boothman Jr. returned to help with service and sales, bringing a renewed sense of stability.

In March of 2012, Fred Boothman III began to work with the business and agreed to buy it from his brother-in-law in July of 2012. The business has taken a complete turnaround by having a full service center, a completely stocked showroom, and expanded soap sales to both new and returning customers. Though the pictures are only a few because of the fire, they speak volumes of the family business atmosphere that is now Cape Cod Cleaning Systems.

The History of Cape Cod Cleaning Systems

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Our Founder's (Fred Boothman Sr.) Father's Business in Rhode Island - 1940's
Painting in Process of Byrnes Sand & Gravel - August 1962
The Business Worked Out of This Old Barn - 1960's & 70's
Fred Boothman Sr. Pictured Here in the Barn - 1970's (He founded Cape Cod Chemical in 1948.)
Fred Boothman Jr., Owner - 1980's
Fred Boothman III Worked in Sales - 1980's
Fred Lewis, Serviceman - 1980's
Bev & Fred Jr. Turned the Business Over to their Son-In-Law Mike Wehde - 1991
Some Special Machine Sales - 1990's
Some Special Machine Sales - 1990's
The Soap Truck - 1990's
The Old Plant with New Paint - 1990's
The Old Plant with New Paint - 1990's
The Old Plant with New Paint - 1990's
Jeremy Corbett, Soap & Serviceman - 1990's
Fire Totally Destroys the Old Barn. No Insurance! - April 6, 2004
The New Building Mike Built After the Fire - 2004