Getting the Most Out of Your Cleaning Chemicals

Most cleaning chemicals¬†are water based and can be diluted with water. For the most part it is common knowledge that, although you weaken the soap as you add water, you also get more miles out of it. Therefore, don’t shy away from abstaining an industrial grade cleaning chemical soap, like Cape Cod Cleaning Systems “Tough Stuff”.


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Although you would rarely use it full strength, you might be able to make five gallons make for you fifty five for most of your applications. A little time spent trying this on small quantities could turn into big profits for the long run. But that isn’t best kept secret of high PH, water based cleaning solvents. Most people thing that because it’s water based that the most effective way to use it is to is to put the solvent onto a dry surface in the best strength dilution. This is false! High PH, water soaps are not only water soluble, they are also water activated.

Therefore, be sure to WET the surface you are trying to clean first and then see how great cleaning chemicals work the best!