Cleaning Chemicals

Cape Cod Cleaning Systems (CCCS) carries a wide array of cleaning chemicals, Pressure Washers, and other products to help you expertly clean almost anything.

CCCS is also the proud  distributer of “Tough Stuff.” This is our flagship cleaning product, which originated with our business over 60 years ago. This MIRACLE CLEANER is an all-purpose, biodegradable, industrial-strength degreaser with a never-ending list of applications. Its versatility allows it to be useful for an endless number of cleaning tasks and will prove to solve most of the industrial, commercial, and residential cleaning problems. Find a Tough Stuff retailer near you or buy directly through our website.

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Customers can also choose from an assortment of specialty products such as graffiti removers, degreasers, and mildew removers, as well as products for effectively cleaning boats, RVs, campers, trucks, and more. When our customers need extra assistance with a stubborn, extensive, or demanding cleaning job, they know they can count on CCCS to help them find the perfect solution.

For questions, price quotes, or additional assistance, call Cape Cod Cleaning Systems at 1-855-812-1590 or fill out the form on our website and someone will be in touch with you shortly. We look forward to helping you!

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Our Cleaning Chemicals

Touch Stuff All Purpose Cleaner

all purpose cleaner

Since 1948 it has been our Flag Ship CLEANING CHEMICAL. It truly is an All Purpose Industrial Strength Biodegradable Degreaser and MIRACLE CLEANER. Our customers currently use “Tough Stuff” as a solution to a wide range of industrial, commercial and even household cleaning challenges, where other products just do not measure up. Our FREE DELIVERY SERVICE to Eastern Mass & Rhode Island makes this All Purpose Cleaner, a must have for companies looking for the Best Price, Best Service on New England’s Best CLEANING CHEMICAL.

Boat & Bilge Cleaner

boat cleanerBoat & Bilge Cleaner is a highly concentrated oil and grease emulsifier that serves to provide a variety of valuable applications to the boat owner

Heavy Duty Truck Wash

heavy duty truck wash in a 5 gallon drumHeavy Duty Truck Wash is just that, a premium quality truck wash soap with a liquid cleaning compound designed for Truck and Trailer washing applications. H.D.T.W. was specifically formulated for use through high pressure and automatic Truck Washing equipment. When road film is the primary problem and minimal brushing is desired, Heavy Duty Truck Wash is the Fleet Washer’s most efficient and effective, over-all Truck Wash Soap.

Taginator Graffiti Remover

graffiti removerBy far, the best Graffiti Remover from rough surfaces on the market today. Simply spray or brush it on…let it set up and then power wash it off. (Check out their site & their video)

pressure washer repair in brockton

pressure washer