What is the Most Cost Effective Way to Start a Commercial Cleaning Business?

After you have lined out a few commercial accounts, the most cost effective way to start a commercial cleaning business is to first find a used commercial grade, hot water pressure washer that has low hours and in good running order. You will need to be mechanically inclined or have a pressure washer service center on speed dial, because any used equipment is bound to have issues from time to time. Now, if you are able to spring for it, the best way to equip your new commercial cleaning business is with new equipment. However, not all pressure washing equipment is equal. Although tempting, avoid at all cost buying equipment from some internet distributers. The prices are attractive, but the equipment is almost always….NO….ALWAYS inferior to true commercial equipment. Also, try to find a local sales and service center, as even new equipment needs service from time to time. I suggest that you befriend a good service center, even if you have to pay a little more for the equipment. And if I had to suggest one brand and model to get started with, it would be the LANDA MHC, hands down. Although direct drive, it comes with significant vibration dampening and a construction that has made it a true work horse. I would never recommend a direct drive unit for commercial work, but for getting started, the LANDA MHC is far and away a machine that can make you money. It has a sleek design that makes it both user friendly and easy to work on. It comes with high quality components that make its durability exceptional. It also is priced to where it could be put on a credit card, if need be. The only way to prove this to you is for you to try one. Find your local LANDA Dealer and set up a demo. They live to do this, so don’t sweat it. Check out the portability, power (3500 PSI @ 4GPM), Temperature (200 degrees) and other key features. You will be impressed and if you buy one….You will make money with it!