Landa MHC Pressure Washer

Of the six available models, three feature electric start and the remaining three models feature Landa’s proprietary Super Duty Regulator to allow the washer to operate without a battery or magneto system.

Built to Last: A sturdy machine, the MHC has a heavy-duty pump and energy-efficient 12 volt burner on its welded steel frame in addition to the signature Landa heating coil.

Safe to Use: The MHC has no shortage of safety features, including a rupture disk, wheel break, adjustable thermostat, hose guard for burst protection, and tri-lingual user and warning labels. It is also certified to ETL and UL-1776 safety standards.

Simple to Operate: This machine is an operator’s dream: it includes downstream detergent injection, a variable pressure wand, and a digital tachometer that provides service reminders.

Extra Stable: You won’t need to sacrifice stability for portability with the MHC washer. Its single-piece 1 1/4 inch steel tube frame, 13 inch tubed all-terrain tires and engine vibration mounts ensure the MHC’s strength and durability.

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