How to Prep a Pressure Washer for Winter

winterized pressure washerIt can cost thousands of dollars to repair a pressure washer that has been allowed to freeze. Worse still, if you own a new machine the repairs are not covered under the warranty agreement. So, what do you do to insure that your machine is protected against a freeze up? The obvious is to be sure to keep your machine somewhere where the temperature is always above freezing. If that is not possible then it is vital to make it a routine to antifreeze your machine. If your machine has a working float tank than the process is quite simple. Just pour a good antifreeze, auto, RV or Marine antifreeze into the float tank and run the machine until the anti freeze is clearly coming out of the spray gun. This way you know that you have everything, the pump, coil and hoses thoroughly protected against a freeze up. If your machine does not have a float tank, then buy and inexpensive garden hose pump and after filling a five-gallon bucket with antifreeze, pump the antifreeze through the machine with the machine off and the gun open or off of the hose entirely. When you can see clearly that antifreeze is coming out of the hose, then you have thoroughly protected your pressure washer against a freeze up.

When you are ready to use your pressure washer again, simply run the machine without a nozzle into a five-gallon bucket and recover all the antifreeze that you used. You can do this about two three more times with the same antifreeze and more as long as you are sure it has not gotten too watered down. Test the antifreeze for strength if there is any doubt. Although any good antifreeze can be used, avoid anything that you are not sure of as to its strength. It maybe tempting to cut the antifreeze with water or to use window-washing fluid, Because of the cost of antifreeze, but this is highly discouraged!