Pressure Washer Repair In Boston

pressure washer repair in bostonDespite the name, we also offer pressure washer repair in Boston and the surrounding areas. Boston is a great city. It’s the biggest city in Massachusetts and also holds the distinction of being the capital of this great state.

Cape Cod Cleaning Systems receives many customers from here. We are currently located in Carver, MA, but we also have 60 years of experience providing pressure washer repair in Boston and the surrounding areas.

Since it’s located on the coast, Boston can be subject to a tremendous amount of harsh weather. Strong winds, harsh winters, and fierce rain can assault buildings at a moment’s notice. Debris and dirt can clutter up everything. We promise to have the supplies and service you need to accomplish the job. Whether you’re a property manager needing to power wash a building or a construction company needing to degrease equipment, we’ve got your solutions.

We specialize in pressure washers and repairs, but we also carry other cleaning tools as well. If you are in need of cleaning chemicals, cleaning parts and accessories, or simple water treatment, we can help. We’re certified retailers and can assist you in finding the right tool for the right job.

Our Pressure Washers

Pressure Washer Repair In Boston

Take advantage of our pressure washer repair in Boston. We can repair pressure washers you already own, eliminating the need for pricey replacements. No matter what brand or model of pressure washer you own, we will be able to help get your machine operational.

Above all, Cape Cod Cleaning Systems wants you to be satisfied. We want to make sure we’re able to provide exactly what you need for your job. No matter how big or dirty your job is, we can help find you the right pressure washer. If you find yourself needing pressure washer repair in Boston, please contact us today!

Residential / Home Pressure Washers

The weather can be tough on our homes, leaving dirt, grime, and residue on our houses year round. Cape Cod Cleaning Systems is your source for pressure washers that will keep your home’s exterior clean! Whether you need to pressure wash car oil off of your driveway, or get a year’s worth of dirt off of your porch we have a machine that will fit the job. Other uses for pressure washers around the house include:

  • Washing dirt and grime off of brick and siding
  • Cleaning the floor of your garage
  • Washing sidewalks, driveways, and walkways
  • Getting dirt and oil of of vehicles and boats
  • Washing other outdoor equipment (lawn mowers, grills, etc.)

Pressure Washers For Boats, Cars, and Trucks

Boston is famous for for its ports, harbors, and waterways which means a high volume of boats in our city. The Boston pressure washer experts at Cape Cod Cleaning Systems can help you find the perfect pressure washing system to clean the hull of your boat to keep it in pristine condition.

We also sell a high volume of pressure washers for car and truck washing purposes, so if you run a business with a fleet of trucks that need regular cleaning, give us a call today!

From delivery vehicles to fishing boats, and everything in between, we have equipment to clean it!

Pressure Washers For Boston’s Factories and Warehouses

We carry an extensive line of high powered pressure washing systems tough enough to handle any of Boston’s industrial pressure washing needs. Whether you need to clean your machinery, floors, or warehouse, we can provide you a cleaning system fit to your business. Our industrial clients in Boston use our pressure washing systems to:

  • Clean heavy duty machinery and equipment parts
  • Wash warehouse floors and soiled areas due to heavy use
  • Clean building exteriors, parking lots, walls, and walkways
  • Clean industrial vehicles like forklifts and trucks

Boston Service Areas

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