The Covid Crisis Presents a Perfect Opportunity to Start Your Own Commercial Cleaning Business!

A Sample of the Equipment Used:

Washer & Mister

Hot Portable

Hot Pickup Skid

During this Covid Crisis, Commercial Cleaning Companies can’t keep up with the demand! Businesses and Home Owners want and need things cleaned. Cleaning is a significant part of a consistent sanitation protocol for reducing the spread of Covid 19. Businesses need both sanitation and disinfecting. You as a commercial cleaning tech can do both. You can offer the routine cleaning that all business and home owners need. Such as cleaning:

  • buildings and homes

  • trucks and heavy equipment

  • roofs, siding, fences and decks

  • dumpsters and trash receptacles 

  • sidewalks, driveways, drive-throughs and parking garages

  • playground equipment

  • kitchens, patios and dining areas

  • grafitti removal

  • the list is endless

But you can also offer various levels of disinfecting: 220-300 degree water washing and disinfectant misting all with the same equipment you wash with. The exciting part is that you enter into this industry with little out of pocket costs. Oh sure, you can go all in on the best and biggest, but you can also get started with a small unit or even a reconditioned one. We even have a finance company that will work with startups. With commercial cleaners getting anywhere from $25-$500 per hour for the work they do, this is definitely a business that almost anyone can build up quickly and have as their own and profitable for years to come.

Call or Text me (Beau) directly at 781-248-6392 and let me explain how this could happen for you. I can provide the equipment, cleaning solvents and training to get well on your way. We even get leads that we can pass your way. 

Financing can also be an option. You might even be able to include some of the startup costs into the equipment cost, so to receive as working capitol.

When you have your amount to finance…CLICK HERE TO APPLY!

Here are some of the examples for some of the washing you could be doing.

Washing Business