What Do I Do if I Think my Pressure Washer has Frozen Up?

frozen pressure washer repair The first thing that should be done if you suspect that your machine is frozen is to NOT START IT UP. Ice will act like sand running through your machine and will tear apart the internals of the pump. First, look for any signs of a freeze up. Is there and ice around the machine? Is there any ice in the float tank? Are there any drips that are frozen out of the water intake or out of the end of the hose? Take the hose up to your ear and bend it. If you hear cracking ice in the hose, you can be almost sure there is ice in the machine also. Again, if there are any signs of ice…DO NOT START THE PRESSURE WASHER FROZEN!!! Instead, make sure to move the washer into a warm location and give it plenty of time to slowly thaw out. Let it thaw until there are absolutely no visible signs of ice. Once all signs of ice are gone, begin to try, with a garden hose pump, pumping the antifreeze through the machine. If you get a fairly immediate flow of antifreeze through the machine with no ice blowing out the hose, there is a good chance that the machine is okay. It may take you a while to get the antifreeze to push all the ice out of the machine, but once you have a good flow of antifreeze, you are ready to test the machine under pressure. If, after running the machine under pressure and you find there are no leaks and it is performing up to its capacities, then you have successfully saved yourself hundreds and hundreds of dollars in costly repairs.