Water Treatment Systems

Cape Cod Cleaning Systems is a premier provider of water treatment systems for Eastern Massachusetts, Boston, and Rhode Island. We’ve been in the business for many years and sell some of the finest products the industry can offer. When working with CCCS, customers can trust that they are getting reliable information and quality products at affordable prices. Water treatment systems are designed to reduce contaminants in the water to make it fit for use. Many industries use these systems to help them complete their work safely, while abiding by environmental and city regulations. Without effective water treatment, water can become subject to scaling, corrosion, and bacteria growth. Using dirty, untreated wash water can weaken machinery and even cause public health concerns. However, by utilizing a high-quality water treatment system, these worries can be avoided and a large portion of the industrial wastewater may even be reusable. This results in lower charges for less water consumption, a relief for businesses operating amidst a growing shortage of water. Water treatment also saves money on energy costs due to the recovery of heat in the recycled wash-water. These significant savings help your company avoid product and profit loss through wasted water.

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Our Water Treatment Products

Mi-Ti-M: PWR-10-0ME1 Water Treatment System

water treatment systemsThe Mi-T-M PWR Series is an affordable, mobile piece of water treatment equipment that allows the user to both wash and reclaim water on the jobsite. As you wash equipment or clean surfaces, you can reclaim wash water through the 20-foot water berm that prevents water from flowing down a drain or away from the work area. The vacuum head will draw water into the holding chamber where another pump with then force the water through a Cyclone filter. The water finally travels through a 10-micron bag filter before returning to the holding tank for reuse.

Water Maze CoAg2-20A

maze water treatment systemThe Water Maze CoAg2-20A is an advanced chemical treatment system that adds a chemical coagulant and polymer during the treatment process, efficiently freeing the waste stream of suspended solids and emulsified oils.

The Compact CoAg by WaterMaze

coag water treatment systemsFor industries with an abundance of products and equipment that must be routinely cleaned, it can be challenging to find water treatment equipment that meets environmental regulations.

Water Maze EC2-20A

water maze treatment systemThe Water Maze EC2-20A employs an advanced Electro-coagulation (EC) system for treating wash water and other industrial waste waters containing suspended solids, heavy metals, and emulsified oils. It blends EC water treatment technology with chemical flocculation to improve and quicken the process of removing constituents from waste water.

Water treatment systems are beneficial for building service contractors, construction contractors, and state and federal government organizations. It can be challenging to meet environmental regulations when needing to clean a large volume of products and/or equipment, but Landa/Water Maze water treatment systems simplify the process. CCCS carries various models of Landa water treatment systems to meet a wide range of needs. Several of our systems can even recover and recycle their own wash water waste, benefiting both you and the environment. Over twenty years ago, Landa became one of the first pressure washer manufacturers to produce wash-water treatment systems. These machines are specifically designed to treat and recycle the cleaning water used by a pressure washer. These systems are now sold under the Water Maze brand name and use a wide range of water treatment technologies like filtration and electrocoagulation.

Water Maze continues to be the #1 manufacturer of industrial waste water treatment systems. All products are certified to UL safety standards and are manufactured under the ISO-9001 standards for quality processes. For safe, effective, and efficient operations, you can’t go wrong with a Water Maze wash-water treatment system. Browse our website to view the products we offer or feel free to call Cape Cod Cleaning Systems directly at 1-800-722-0570.

We take pride in our products and are happy to answer questions or help you find the best system for your project.

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