What is the Best Cold Water Pressure Washer?

Now that the big box stores are selling pressure washers, it makes it hard to know which is the best. It is even harder when you see 2000 psi and 3000 psi machines at such low prices. Well here are some things that the big box stores are not telling you:

  • Those pressure washers were made just for those stores with inferior components so to keep the price down.
  • High pressure sounds good, but real pressure washer performance is measured by gallons per minute multiplied by PSI. This gives you the actual cleaning units. Just because it says 3000 psi, doesn’t mean you have a powerful cleaning unit when the GPM is only 1.2!
  • If the main components, pump and motor are not rebuildable, then all you have is a throw away machine when it goes down.
  • If you expect your machine to last, always get belt driven over direct drive. The belts absorb shock and extend the life of the motor and pump exponentially.

The key to getting a good, reliable machine is to avoid the big box store versions. Find a local pressure washer distributor with a good reputation for service and get a commercial or industrial grade machine….you will not be disappointed and will have it for many years to come.  We at Cape Cod Cleaning Systems know, as we have serviced and sold both new and used pressure washer cleaning systems to clients in Boston, South Shore and our home of Cape Cod, MA for many years.