LANDA’S HOT Series Pressure Washers



The Landa HOT is an electric-powered, diesel-heated hot pressure washer that features both a heat-efficient coil and a true steam cleaner (or “steamer”). It is the only line of its kind with this unique component, making it one of the most economical choices for pressure washers.

QUALITY: Like other Landa hot water pressure washers, the HOT includes a tri-plunger high-pressure pump (7-year warranty on most varieties), convenient access to the pump and motor, and Schedule 80 heating coil built with 1/2-inch pipe.

PORTABILITY: Every model in the Landa HOT line weighs less than 500 lbs and is evenly balanced on four tubed, leak-free, pneumatic tires allowing for easy maneuvering on any type of terrain. Increasing its portability, both steering bars on the HOT have waffle grips.

SAFETY: The HOT is certified to the strict UL-1776 safety standards. Among the features that make it incredibly safe to operate are motor thermal overload protection, thermal pump protector, rupture disk attached to the heater coil, a hose guard, and Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters on each model.