Landa PGDC Pressure Washer

The Landa PGDC is a sturdy skid-mounted hot water pressure washer featuring a 12VDC burner system instead of a generator. The PGDC is powered by a 13-20 HP Honda engine or a 16 HP Vanguard engine, all with electric starting systems. The Landa PGDC skid mounted pressure washer is made with a rugged steel frame, so it will hold up for those tough jobs out in the field. The diesel 5 or 10 gallon gas tanks on the PGDC allow for hours pressure washing.

PGDC Specifications:

Up to 4.7 GPM, 3,500 PSI

Heavy-Duty Honda or Vanguard Engines

Landa Belt-Drive Pump with 7-Year Warranty

Sch. 80 Heating Coil with Stainless Steel Top Wrap